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ar month day 1 - foxes by WeebleClock ar month day 1 - foxes :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 3 0 purple pixel deer by WeebleClock purple pixel deer :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 1 2 Arkham Horror - Congrats! by WeebleClock Arkham Horror - Congrats! :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 1 0
How BBC Sherlock should have..
"I hope nobody saw this."
"I mean, you taking off my clothing in a darkened pool room. People could assume things."
Watson says it because he has to break the tension of almost dying somehow, and they both laugh awkwardly not to mention they're still terrified and suddenly they're kissing and Watson is grasping Holmes's arms and Holmes is clinging to the back of Watson's head and when Moriarty comes back the sight shocks him to the point of a heart attack and all of his assassins die with him and all the fans are happy because Holmes/Watson is officially canon and there are no infuriating cliffhangers.
:iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 8 16
One man
      When Magneto hands her the vial, she just blinks. "This is your 'gift' for Charles? Is it poison?"
      "If you want to generalize, yes."
      Mystique's heart seizes and she feels like that little girl in the kitchen again. "It won't kill him, will it?"
      "Not if he pulls off the headset quickly—"
      "Quickly? What's that supposed to—"
      "—enough; it's not designed to—"
      "I can't kill my own brother, Erik!"
      "Do you think I want this any more than you do?"
      They both look bitter and wounded and Mystique remembers which sibling Erik really preferred and she hates both men. Her hands don't shake when she switches out the fluids in Cerebro. But the hatred has collapsed
:iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 2 6
But I died
      "Young master. Your tea is getting cold."
      Ciel jolts at the voice. He opens his eyes; a lingering dream. And then he notices the black-suited figure to his right and the unmistakable scent of blood and flowers. He lunges; the man is real, real hands pressing into his back, pulling him into a chest which to Ciel still feels hot and wet and red. Phantom. "Seba—"
      Lips on his ear: "I'm here, young master."
      And Ciel pulls back and slaps him (skin still too cold under his palm). He can't speak all of the questions he wants to fling at this hateful butler, this worst servant of all, this man who broke h– "Why?"
      "I had duties elsewhere."
      Phantom blood and a ghost of a smile. The cracks have not healed and Ciel wants to shatter again. "How can you – you were –
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When I said his name, it was like
throwing him naked on the floor
in front of all those people.
but nobody knew.
I wasn't supposed to know, but then
he told me, because "We're best friends" and
we tell each other everything,
But then they broke up.
I mean they weren't even dating, but
I think it was worse.
It was messy, anyway.
I didn't like it.
I mean, I don't like it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
He's so mean. He's so sweet to me, but
then his lips opened like a torrent and
And it was all lies, too.
This happened before. I don't remember if it was
this bad. I remember it sucked.
This sucks.
It happened both times
You don't. Don't.
We're all more in love than we'd care to admit
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Question:Samson by WeebleClock Question:Samson :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 0 2 Toxicity by WeebleClock Toxicity :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 0 7
.glitter. ...:: +slipping::
        "Stick around. I might make it worth your while," he joked. There was already glitter all over the bed.
        "Sorry. I've got school."
        Axel watched the blond slip a cable knit sweater over his head. It was too big for him. "Hey, that's mine."
        "Isn't that the point?" He slipped into his jeans.
        "You've still got glitter in your hair."
        The kid mussed his locks absentmindedly. "I'm late."
        "You look like a fairy."
        "Shut up."
        Axel slipped from the covers, slipped out of the glitter (mostly), slipped over to Roxas (mm, warm). "You'll come back…right?"
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WRY HERRO WORLD by WeebleClock WRY HERRO WORLD :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 1 4 the sun + the winter wind by WeebleClock the sun + the winter wind :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 2 14 MERRY XMAS by WeebleClock MERRY XMAS :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 8 22
peach daiquiri
And his mouth tasted like peach daiquiri and he fumbled in undoing her buttons, but she liked the feel of his cold fingerprints on her plain cotton bra.
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so easy i cant explain it by WeebleClock so easy i cant explain it :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 1 6 HAPPY REVERSE AKUROKU DAY by WeebleClock HAPPY REVERSE AKUROKU DAY :iconweebleclock:WeebleClock 13 7

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i'm a better person now pls just ignore this entire gallery thank
this dA page is shit. all shit
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